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[S1E20] A Clash of Kings 2.0 | Warband Mod | The Stag and Wolf A SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!

Title: [S1E20] A Clash of Kings 2.0 | Warband Mod | The Stag and Wolf A SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!
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Duration: 31:53
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Author: Arcade Knight


King Baelor stretches the dragon's army to secure his foothold on the mainland. A new foe enters the war against House Brightflame and we unveil our latest Subscriber Knight.

For many years since the first men, House Lick, has been the most highly respected and disciplined house of The North; best known for their controversial degrees of justice. First offense, public flogging. Second offense, a choice, dismemberment of a precious limb or spend the rest of your days manning the wall. Third and final offense, came at the cost of your head. The laws applied to every man, woman, and child inside of their walls. Any attempts to argue your way out of punishment was futile as the offenders would be referred to the House Moto: No negotiations, No exceptions, No mercy!

Many of the prominent houses in the North shamed the Licks for their boorish ways. Despite this, the Licks always produced the strongest and most disciplined warriors The North had ever seen. Thus, an uneasy truce of tolerance was met, that is, until a young Karstark lord committed three crimes within the walls of House Lick. The story goes: the foolish young Lord got into a drunken state and assaulted a nobleman. When asked about his crimes, the young Lord lied under oath, before the Old Gods. When given the choice of limb or wall, the enraged young Lord spat at his accusers and swore his father would have their heads. And so the lord of House Lick, William “The Bold”, had no choice, and took the Karstark lords head.

When ravens reached the lords of The North, banners were raised and House Licks ancestral keep, First Heart, was sieged . At first, Lord Stark tried negotiating with William, but to no avail. Lord Lick remained steadfast, proclaiming, "Inside these walls my word is law, not yours! If you see fault in my actions, than leave or do your duty!"

With House Lick in ruins, only the youngest son, Richard, remained to face judgment. The Karstarks lobbied for his beheading but Lord Stark refused, instead commanding Richard serve his days as a brother in the Nights Watch.

On his journey to The Wall, fate saw a greater purpose for young Richard Lick as his caravan was ambushed. His rescuers, the last loyal subjects to his father, trained him to be as strong as any warrior of his house. On his twenty first name day he was given his father's sword with a note.

"Richard, though I am not with you, you must heed my advice. You cannot be seen in The North at this time.”

“If you desire to see House Lick returned to the glory it once was, you must find a King with a true claim and a noble cause for he is the next savior of our realm and he will need men such as yourself.”

Lore: Ser Richard Lick

Narration: "Rhaenys" R.

Story driven and occasionally thoughtful gameplay with a touch of roleplaying. We follow Baelor Brightflame and his family as they try to claim the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Tutorial on creating custom companions :

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